An Update

I am back in the UK now and working hard on putting together the final documentary, and lots has happened since my last comment so I think it is time for an update.

I have been truly touched by the response to my blog and the generosity shown towards Dr Pendsey and his staff. Although I shall not name her, one wonderful lady has given £1000 to help the diabetic children at the Dream Trust, and this will pay for 5 children to be sponsored for one year. Entirely fabulous news.

I have narrowed down which stories I want to use in my documentary, although these may well need to be cut down again. It is a hard job, because EVERY SINGLE diabetic the DREAM Trust has helped has an original and special story to hear, and one that the world needs to hear. If only I didn’t have only thirty minutes to squeeze it all into!

The project should be completed by Friday 19th August, after which point I will also be putting together some of my favourite clips for the DREAM Trust to use.

I once again implore anyone who feels they can help the Trust in any way to get in touch, either with me or with the Trust directly. The Trust needs support in several ways if it is to continue its life-saving work.

– £200 a year provides insulin for a child for one year. If you sponsor a child in this way you will receive photos and information about the child and be able to communicate, send gifts and even visit them.

– The Trust also welcomes donations towards educational scholarships for the children, and needs funds to provide education, picnics and other events which encourage social cohesion and help the young diabetics learn to deal with their condition.

If you think you can help, or know anyone who can, I urge you to do anything in your power.



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